Integrating Technology and Strategy to build you a Better Business

Point Consulting helps clients accelerate business growth through effective strategy, innovative analytics and meaningful application of technology to improve core business performance and in turn, improve ROI for stakeholders.


What do Modern Businesses Want?

Businesses don’t want strategy. Businesses don’t want technology. They want both at the same time. They want integrated solutions, where strategy and technology are interwoven in service of their main business goals.

Our clients are no longer willing to accept a busload of technologists or a briefcase full of slide presentations. They want real results, real fast. They want delivery. In order to deliver with speed, we’ve come to embrace technology and strategy as a continuum – the interlocked, component parts of organizational change.

Technology has come to inform strategic potential, and Point’s ability to interweave the two elements has a tremendous upside: Every Point Consulting solution is an integrated solution. Our solutions are less likely to spend time on the shelf, more likely to actually get implemented.