We offer a wealth of creative services including but not limited to visual identity development, web front-end designs, multimedia presentations, and small/large format print designs.

The Point approach is to get inside the latest trends in visual design and then explore the creative possibilities. We bring creativity without compromise to functionality – we value usability as much as style. Our people appreciate the real world issues that determine the effectiveness of every communication.

Branding and Visual Identity

Nowadays businesses cannot survive for long without having a recognizable and memorable mark which enables them to stand out from the crowd. We develop such memorable visual identities by creating business logos, stationeries, and style guides.

Marketing and Promotional Collateral

Modern businesses are all about reaching out and connecting with their customer base. To do that, they require marketing and promotional collateral which engages and endears the business in the minds of the potential client. We offer one-stop design-to-dispatch service for all your business collateral.

We design marketing materials which includes but is not limited to brochures, flyers, labels, information dockets and promotional materials such as calendars, diaries and annual reports.

We have collaborated with M/s Soft Image for printing and shipment of such material to anywhere throughout Pakistan.

Multimedia Presentations

Our experience in corporate communications means that we understand exactly how to create or upgrade a slide presentation for maximum impact. Our staff is skilled in efficiency and consistency and work with your corporate identity and guidelines to produce the most effective presentation possible. We ensure that the presentation graphics reflect and enhance your corporate image.

Using quality visuals, tailored slide backgrounds, high-end animation and the use of new media such as javascript animations and video, we make sure your message has the maximum impact and clarity which it requires.

Our Brand providing Creative Services to Businesses